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Over 40 education providers are using our travel packages to increase engagement and add value.

  • Trips cost from just £15 / person
  • We plan and lead the trips (so you don’t have to)
  • All trips are fully risk-assessed and insured

Our offices are at 15 Queen Square, Leeds LS2 8AJ

We are not near your offices, is that a problem?

No. Our trip leaders are located throughout the country and travel to your location the day before the trip, ready to meet your students the following morning.

How many students are the trips for?

We regularly provide trips for groups of 20+ students, and can readily accommodate up to 400 students (smaller or larger groups on request).

Do we need to send a member of staff on the trip?

No. You’re welcome to, and staff that do travel with us really enjoy it, but our trip leader accompanies your students throughout the entire trip, 24/7.

Do I need to be there to send them off?

No. It’s normally a Friday or Saturday morning. If you’re around, come and say hello, but our trip leader and driver team will be there to welcome the group.

Can you help with visas?

Yes. We provide detailed steps for students applying for a visa. In addition, if they book and let us know before a pre-arranged date, we’re able to offer students a full refund if their visa application is refused, less a nominal admin fee.

Are the trips safe?

Yes. Safety on our trips is the single most important responsibility we have. 10+ years specialist experience providing tours for international students, adherence to ROSPA¹ guidelines and HSE² approved training providers help us minimise risk to all students on tour. Read more here.

Do you do risk assessments and have proof of insurance?

Yes. All our trips are fully risk assessed and reviewed regularly as part of an ongoing process. We hold Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Employers Liability insurance policies. Prior to your trip, we provide risk assessments and details of our insurance cover (policy numbers, insurer details and limits of indemnity) on request.

Company registration number: 5913320

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