Safety & engagement

Safety on our trips is the single most important responsibility we have.

In order to manage safety effectively we do the following:

Carry out risk assessments
All of our trips are fully risk assessed (adhering to Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents guidelines) and reviewed regularly as part of an ongoing process.

Work with reputable accommodation providers
All our accommodation providers must conform to local and national fire, safety and hygiene standards and we keep records of current liability insurance cover.

Work with reputable transport providers
We only work with transport providers who comply with all applicable national, local, trade and other laws, regulations, rules and codes of practice and have full insurance cover – which we keep records of. All itineraries for our trips by coach are prepared taking into account current legislation on drivers’ hours. All UK coaches are fitted with seat belts (including coaches to be used in the event of breakdown).

Have emergency procedures in place
In the unlikely event of an incident occurring, our trip leaders are trained in, and capable of, handling emergency situations. All trip leaders receive basic first aid and outdoor incident management training on a course we have developed with Heath & Safety Executive approved training providers.

Hold relevant insurance
We hold the following insurance policies, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Employers Liability. If you require confirmation (including policy numbers, insurer details and limits of indemnity), please get in touch.

And maximising student engagement determines every planning decision we make

Keeping students engaged

We understand that when you welcome international students to the university onto undergraduate or postgraduate programmes, or short courses, you need to keep them engaged in every way and build your reputation. Similarly, if you’re hosting international agents or have foreign visitors at your conference, you need to offer cultural and social activities, which match the quality of your academic or event provision.

Ultimately, you want your cohorts to have a good experience, which is where the retention and word of mouth come in. Satisfied visitors, raise your profile, boost you reputation and lead to repeat bookings.

You have the academic and support elements covered by your team and the university (just). How do you have time, and the experience, to provide the cultural and social aspects of the offer as well?

Our 9 years’ experience tells us you don’t always find it easy. That’s why we work so closely with our partners – coming to meet you in person, finding out what you need, and tailoring our offer to what international students and visitors want.

Don’t be a tourist offers tried and tested trip itineraries, which we are constantly tweaking. We get feedback after every trip from students and staff to help us to improve our offering. We understand the importance of being responsive and flexible and make your needs our priority.

Our trips have generated positive feedback and improved our partners’ scores in the International Student Barometer. The British Council recognise our good work and have awarded our partner universities and language schools with points of excellence for their leisure programmes.

How Don’t be a tourist activities maximise engagement

International students are coming to the UK with high expectations, cultural differences and in many cases, with English as a second language.

We operate carefully planned itineraries, with the right balance of led activities and free time to explore. Often programmes are intensive – we want to help your students or visitors/agents to relax to maximise their enjoyment. We give people the time and space to enjoy their trips, which leaves them feeling refreshed and with more energy to focus on their studies.

Before our trips, we provide students with an overview of what to expect and what to bring. Trip leaders provide itineraries, quizzes, stories, and give out mini-guides, labelled maps – offering suggestions on where to places to eat, drink, shop, and view all the surroundings. Feeling in control and independent in a foreign place boosts international students’ confidence and improves their impression of the UK and their time on your programmes.

Meeting international students’ needs

All of our guides and trip leaders are geared up to helping students whose first language isn’t English. Walking tours and explanations are clear and delivered with cultural awareness, accepting requirements that international students might have positively and without judgement.

We make sure that we are aware of dietary needs, offer single sex accommodation, and include alternative evening activities for non-drinkers. Feeling comfortable helps students on our trips to make friends, and find things that they are interested in, which are well-known to increase retention of students on courses and improve engagement for delegates on conferences.

International students want to get off the beaten track to discover and enjoy more of their destinations. We still show them the famous tourist sites, but balance it out with other interesting locations to demonstrate local beauty and culture. We give everyone on our trips insider knowledge and something special for them.

Keep students engaged by providing the highest quality trips and activities

Students who experience our trips feel more settled and part of something, which makes them more engaged in the classroom. The trips create an easy going environment, outside of the university, where they can make friends and start to feel part of the student community.

Why not read more about our current partners and how we’ve helped free their time to focus on their tuition and tailored our trips to their needs.

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